The Future of Agriculture in South Australia

This is the subject title/question of a course that I am currently undertaking today. I certainly have an opinion on the subject, for example there is obviously a lack of water available to all that require it etc. (and I’m following the rules, not watering my garden when I shouldn’t be, using my washing machine water in buckets to water the plants etc.) but unfortunately I do not have any scientific knowledge so really am not that sure what I can say with any certainty about the subject :-).



6 Responses to “The Future of Agriculture in South Australia”

  1. thatitguy Says:

    I’m with you. I know a little about climate change but I’m better with computers

  2. fred nurk Says:

    (what would a lobster know about water)

  3. anneltest Says:

    hi testlobster,
    we all need to use less water, as you are. It would be good if the government would buy back water from willing sellers,

  4. mseyfang Says:

    Stop mucking around at the back of the class!!!

  5. KerryJ Says:

    A good, honest post! It’s all about being willing to learn really, isn’t it?

  6. That darned lobster does it again! « Mikes Wordpress blog Says:

    […] would a lobster know about FRESH […]

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